March 10, 2019 Holy Family Parish Bingo

Holy Family Parish in West Newton invites you to come on out and play the NEW AND IMPROVED BINGO on March 10, 2019. The admission is $15 and includes all 15 games that will pay out $30 each. There will be 5 Early Birds paying out $15 each, 2 Quickies paying out 50/50, 3 Specials—which will pay out $50 each, BONZAI and JACKPOT—both with must go limits. There will be an open kitchen serving hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, pizza, chips, nachos, pop, water and coffee. Of course there will be small games of chance and other exciting happenings. So, come out and have a great deal of fun and win bigger payouts. Remember that the Early Birds start at 12:30 the second Sunday of each month except for May when it will be the third Sunday May 19.